Mulodo has announced the launch of ChoLon++ in Vietnam today. The flea-market style app for C2C transactions is available on Google Play for free, with an iOS version scheduled for release in a few weeks.

The app was named after Chợ Lớn, a Chinese-influenced district in Ho Chi Minh City. It is known for being the location where the film The Lover (L’Amant in French) was shot. Chợ Lớn means “big market” in Vietnamese, and the developers wanted to invoke this size in their app.

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With ChoLon++, users can easily put an item up for sale, and buyers can freely access and browse through. The mechanism is simple, with the user only needing to take a photo and write a short description for their item to be posted. Payments are settled directly between the two parties, without the need to go through an online payment system.

One interesting feature of ChoLon++ is its inclusion of the category ‘For Foreigners in Vietnam’. With Vietnam being a very popular investment destination, this feature aims to target the many foreigners that live in Vietnam, letting foreigners deal among themselves, as well as providing a channel for locals to sell to foreigners. Another noteworthy category is ‘Skills’, where skilled professionals and self-employed people like tour guides and designers can hawk their skills.

The launch capitalises on the growing popularity of C2C commerce in Vietnam, coupled with its large secondhand market. While there are many Vietnamese C2C websites, for instance Rong Bay, ChoLon++ counts itself among the first few mobile sites.

The launch of ChoLon++ represents an interesting development in the Southeast Asian C2C marketplace market. While Carousell and Duriana may rule the roost in Singapore and Malaysia, there is still plenty of space for similar apps that are localised for as-yet untapped markets. It remains to be seen whether this will precipitate a consolidation of the industry, with apps merging to combine their user bases across markets.

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