world-startup-events Three startup organisations, Startup Genome, World Startup Report and Startup Digest, have come together to launch World Startup Events, a platform that aggregates startup events in various communities globally.

The map feature will highlight each community’s favourite event, the most unique event for said community, and the best networking event for the respective community. World Startup Events will collate data from contributors and various event portals like Startup Genome and Startup Digest.

At the moment, there are 150 communities on the platform — clearly indicated with a green location pointer. Red location pointers, on the other hand, are for communities which need more data sets to come up with three event picks.

Bowei Gai, Founder, World Startup Report

Bowei Gai, Founder, World Startup Report

The platform is especially relevant for newbies in the entrepreneurial scene or digital nomads — ones who are working and living remotely. “Every entrepreneur should travel after they (have) achieved a bit of success, or at least profitability in their startup,” said Bowei Gai, Founder, World Startup Report.

He added,

“Travelling is expensive regardless of the destination. Entrepreneurs should save their every penny for their startup’s rainy day. Once entrepreneurs have a bit of time and money to travel, it is one of the most educational activity. You will learn a lot by getting out of your bubble and see how real people interact with technology. There aren’t much “cons” to going out there and seeing the world, at least I haven’t met a single person that has regretted doing so!”

Gai, who sold CardMunch to LinkedIn, first started World Startup Report in January 2013. He was curious about startups in China, but could not find any information on it. Eventually, he started his own research and shared it online.

He added, “150,000 views and hundreds of encouragements later, I decided it would be a worthwhile mission to do this for rest of the world.”

e27 also asked Gai about how he would rate Thailand as a place to run a tech startup, given his involvement as a speaker at Echelon Thailand this month. He was full of praise for the Southeast Asian country for entrepreneurial nomads.

“Contrary to most western beliefs, Thailand’s infrastructure is extremely good and is definitely sufficient to run any tech startup,” he said.

The Nomadlist, a platform that ranks cities according to how well they function as places to live and work, echoes his views. Its top four locations are all cities in Thailand: Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

Bowei Gai will be speaking at e27’s Echelon Thailand this September! Grab your tickets today!


Featured Image Credit: Andrey Burmakin / Shutterstock