stand out-FINAL

Job seekers should keep in the mind that competition is fiercer nowadays. For instance, even though many companies are doing everything they can to convince millennials to work for them, how sure are these job applicants that they will stand out from their fellow millennials?

At the end of the day, another applicant will always have more experience, or more skills, or will be willing to do the job for less. This reality should not discourage job seekers, but rather motivate them to honestly assess their skills and strengths, and effectively communicate their expertise and achievements in their résumés. Sadly, however, some people actually shoot themselves in the foot by submitting flawed résumés.

One platform that will help you with your career goals is LinkedIn. Having a great LinkedIn profile does not only help you find jobs, but also build professional connections and enhance your online reputation as an expert in your field.

So avoid sabotaging your own job search with a LinkedIn profile that turns off potential employers. Check out this LinkedIn cheat sheet and make the most of this platform today.

The ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet


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