[Latest update from Kentaro Adachi]

Following the report, Kentaro Adachi reached out to DailySocial to clarify that the email that he had sent (regarding the announcement of Wantedly’s closure in Indonesia) was a mistake. He also added that there has not been any final decision on Wantedly’s operation in Indonesia, except for the fact that he will no longer work with the company.

In a second email sent by Adachi, Wantedly amended and confirmed that the company will not stop its service in Indonesia for all its customers.

Wantedly, a Japanese job search platform that entered Indonesia in 2015, announced that it has ceased operation in the country. The announcement was made by Wantedly Indonesia Head of Market Expansion Kentaro Adachi through an email sent to all users.

In his email, Adachi wrote that Wantedly will cease operations and customer support in Indonesia; users who had posted job vacancies on the platform will no longer be able to receive candidates’ application. But the company also announced that it is planning to return to the Indonesian market with a much improved product.

“I apologise for this sudden notification. But we will return to Indonesia in the future with a product revision and a good localisation. This is because we still believe in the possibilities and the future of the Indonesian market,” Adachi wrote.

By the time this article was published there is still no further information on what Wantedly is planning to do. From Adachi’s statement, we can understand that the platform is struggling to compete in the Indonesian market.

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Prior to the announcement, there had been an impression that Wantedly’s performance in Indonesia was unsatisfactory. The company’s struggle to grow can also be seen through DailySocial‘s past interview with CEO Akiko Naka in 2016. In the interview, the CEO admitted that the company was in the process of building a local team to accelerate the company’s growth.

The company had even planned for a re-launch in the year 2017, but it ended up ceasing its operation at the beginning of 2018 instead. In the email, Adachi also indicated that he will leave the company after January

Originating from Japan, Wantedly is a service that aims to make it easier for job-seekers to search for job vacancies and internship opportunities. There are several different features included within the Wantedly platform as core service that complement each other, such as Wantedly Chat, Wantedly Contact, Wantedly People, and Wantedly Siori.

The article Wantedly Umumkan Penghentian Operasional di Indonesia was written by Prayogo Ryza for DailySocial. English translation and editing by e27.