Chinese e-commerce giant JD and its joint venture in Indonesia JD.ID had completed a drone delivery test in the country on January 8.

Conducted in rural West Java province, the drone delivered a package of school books and bags donation for students at a local elementary school.

The project was conducted with the support of the Ministry of Transportation, the Indonesian Air Force, AirNav Indonesia, Indonesian Aero Sport Federation (FASI), and the Association for Drone Systems and Technologies (ASTTA).

For the company, the successful completion of the test will open up opportunities for future use in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

In a press statement, JD.ID CEO Zhang Li said that the project was part of the company’s commitment for the advancement of Indonesia beyond its business side.

JD itself is a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum and a partner of Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR).

Video and Image Credit: JD