Dexter Ng (Right), will perform a public hacking display

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The importance of cybersecurity has never been more important than it today. What is more, it will just get more and more vital in the coming years.

One issue for startups in Southeast Asia is that cybersecurity is both expensive and necessary. Hacks are a fairly common part of growing a young company, but that doesn’t make it less devastating.

Dexter Ng is here to help. As the Co-founder of, he is building a startup that makes cybersecurity services more accessible to startups.

The company is essentially a community of white-hat hackers, a term that refers to people who hack websites with permission from the owners as a means to test security and vulnerabilities.

The service is a pay-as-you-use model and companies can upload briefs to to give hackers direction about which vulnerabilities to pursue.

“Startups can’t really afford to hire white hat hackers on a full time basis. But they can make use of our platform to put their sites or mobile apps for white hat hackers to test their systems for a fee. Which would save them a lot of money,” he told e27.

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One strategy to drive home the importance of cybersecurity is to demonstrate how easy it is to get hacked.

At #Echelon2019, Ng is going to hack the audience! (By volunteer of course). Participants will find themselves unwillingly sending texts from their phones as well as making “phone calls” without pushing a button.

When asked about the audience reactions from previous events, Ng said,

“Everyone was shocked at how this can be done live in front of everyone. There is no other company that can perform this in front of a live audience.”

The point is, if a business owner can hack random cell phones during a public demonstration, imagine what a real hacker with nefarious intentions can accomplish.

Come get your phone hacked at #Echelon2019! It is sure to entertain.

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