WeWork, the co-working space network, has landed in Bangkok, Thailand. The first two locations are located at the Asia Centre Building and the T-One Building, as reported by The Bangkok Post.

The Asia Centre location also becomes the home of WeWork Labs, WeWork’s innovation platform, as a part of its Southeast Asia expansion, that also becomes a milestone for WeWork in its mission of supporting the startup ecosystem.

“WeWork is committed to being a partner to help the country achieve its Thailand 4.0 vision by acting as a launch pad. As our footprint grows in Thailand, we see huge potential for serving demand, from MSMEs [micro, small and medium) to Fortune 500 companies looking for an efficient solution for flexible spaces, along with accelerating their business in the local ecosystem empowered by a global network,” said Turochas Fuad, managing director of WeWork Southeast Asia.

Krithpaka Boonfueng, deputy executive director for innovation systems at the National Innovation Agency (NIA), also emphasised on how startups in Thailand need the global and Southeast Asian perspectives to attract investment. “NIA will work with WeWork Labs to stimulate the growth of local startups and is confident that closer partnerships with the private sector will pave the way for strengthening Thailand’s local ecosystem”, she said.

WeWork has 19 locations in Southeast Asia, including in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur.

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Adrian Tan, head of WeWork Labs Southeast Asia, said Bangkok’s WeWork Labs is the second location in Southeast Asia, demonstrating Thailand’s position as an innovation hub for local and global players. The WeWork Labs space provides early-stage startups with resources to help their business grow.