What’s a conference without exhibitions? While keynote speeches and panel sessions are the highlights of conferences, often serving up food for thought and spurring challenging discussions, there is something more to gain from casually visiting booths as a delegate, chatting up fellow industry professionals and checking out the new products and services they have to offer.

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A platform to showcase Asia’s leading innovation and enterprise technologies, Techventure is certainly not going to disappoint in the exhibitions segment. Featuring a mix of startups and established industry players, the Techventure’s exhibitor list covers players from all fields of the tech industry, from infocomm and media to biotechnology.

Just who are the tech innovators that will exhibit at Techventure? Read on to find out!

Healthcare and biotechnology
Techventure 2014 features a strong show by biotech companies with the focus on disrupting the biomedical industry. One of them, Digital Surgicals, is a training platform that uses 3D technology to simulate surgical procedures such as suturing, letting medical students practise virtually and hone their skills before they start their careers as surgeons.

Dental technology is another segment of biotech that is well represented at Techventure, with companies such as Taiwan’s Toothfilm Biofilm Innovation Co. showcasing their T-spray breath freshener that suppresses the growth of bacteria that causes halitosis. Another dental tech firm is Singapore-based BioMers, which manufactures polymer materials that go into clear braces and wire retention systems for orthodontics.

Utilities and clean energy
With climate change a reality, using lesser and cleaner energy has become the core concern of many people. This has spurred innovation into the clean energy and energy saving sectors, resulting in technologies like the smart grid, an electrical grid that gathers data about users’ energy consumption and uses this data to make the power delivery more efficient.

One need not go to the level of municipal electrical grids to see how data can help with energy saving, however. Intraix, a Singapore-based startup founded by two National University of Singapore graduates, offers a smart energy management solution for homes and offices that helps people make sense of their electrical consumption. The system provides insightful analysis on how they can be more energy efficient and lower their bills.

Manufacturing and hardware technology
3D printing and computer controlled machining have opened up new areas of innovation in hardware and manufacturing, lowering the costs to entry and enabling even small startups to take their products to market. One such example is 3D Intelligent Solution Pte Ltd, which focusses on  smart, 3D-based solutions for crane lifting.

Another hardware company that will be exhibiting at Techventure is DynaOptics. The firm wants to make optical zooming for phone cameras better using their patented solution, which allows zooming to take place through micrometre-sized lens movements instead of the millimetre-sized ones today, reducing the footprint of camera zoom lens assemblies.

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Infocomm technology and media
By far the largest category of exhibitors at Techventure 2014, infocomm tech (ICT) comprises familiar startups such as web-based supply chain portal Tradegecko, which was part of the first batch of startups to go through JFDI’s accelerator programme. Other well-known names include Singapore-based social payments platform fastacash and visual recognition solutions provider Visenze.

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Other ICT companies that will be exhibiting at Techventure include SMS delivery platform and web security firm Banff Cyber Technologies. One ICT category to look out for is e-commerce; find out how service providers like Shopback and Trakomatic plan to take advantage of the rapidly growing e-commerce market in Southeast Asia and other emerging economies.

Get ready to network with investors and startups from the region and beyond. Learn the secrets of success from successful tech companies. Pitch and make deals at business matching sessions. All this and more at Techventure 2014, sign up before August and enjoy early bird savings!