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Outsourcing is one of the most polarising corporate trends that were given birth to by globalisation. For companies and business owners in Singapore, the challenge of addressing operational demands that walk hand in hand with business growth is of great concern. Despite the business-friendly policies of the country, the availability and affordability of human resources is not as straight-cut as businesses want them to be for their growth to reach new highs.

This is where the alternative of hiring external experts to resolve specific problems in your business can be a lot more productive and prudent than leaving the job to professionals with inadequate experience to deal with them. In 2012, Singapore witnessed an eight per cent growth in company formation. Many of these companies managed to survive and expand their operations with great success by contracting outsource vendors in Singapore to guide them through employee registrations, service standards, government rules and regulations, etc., so that they can solely focus on their business operations. Similarly, many Singapore-based corporations opt for the same route when they take their operations abroad.

Although there’s no scope of high-skill workers, neurosurgeons and lawyers being outsourced in the near future, there are many tasks in the workflow of a business that can easily be handled by professionals outside the organisation. In fact, even non-professionals can do a decent job at executing many of these tasks. Let us take a look at some of them:

1. Office administration
Incompetent administration can turn the tables on even the most ingenious business plans. Whether it’s a lack of timely e-mail responses, updating excel sheets, haphazard data structuring, or never having important memos reach your employees, all these minor issues can add up and become a major detriment to your business. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to hire a full-time secretary for smoothening out our workflow.

This is where online portals like PeoplePerHour and TaskAmigo shine by giving you access to a gigantic marketplace of freelance workers who can do menial to semi-skilled administrative tasks for US$10 – US$100.

2. Graphic design
Fancy visuals are a hallmark of presentations made by leading professional organisations. No matter how promising your business plans are, presenting them as a bland wall of text is very disengaging for an audience, especially when you are making a sales pitch. You need to make your audience connect with the excitement and enthusiasm you have for your work so that they feel like a part of your vision.

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Unfortunately, not all professionals can afford the liberty of time to spruce up their power point slides and re-design company report covers. Not every organisation has the resources to employ a team of visual designers either.

Instead of opting for expensive local design firms, Singaporean professionals can get a host of expertise from freelancers at a fraction of the cost, for designing brochures, report covers, logos, infographics, etc.

3. Research and corroboration
Research and corroboration of data are easily the most time-consuming tasks that can get in the way of your organisation’s productivity. Whether you need to acquire some surveys and reports to optimise your business plan before jumping into a new market, or get volumes of submitted news stories fact-checked, outsourcing can answer all these problems without eroding your bank balance.

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You can request and pay for a variety of surveys and market reports made by research and analysis firms that are relevant to you for harnessing business intelligence. You can also hire a freelance editor to proof-read, fact-check, and edit any inconsistencies in the work you have scheduled to publish soon.

4. Tech support
Although essential jobs like website design, server maintenance and repair should be left to the experts; there are a plethora of menial tech operations that can be handled by any tech-savvy individual. Fortunately, this generation has no shortage of such people, and you can easily get simple tasks like re-installing Windows, converting files, formatting drives, transferring data, etc. done by paying them US$5 – US$20.

The author is Country Manager (Singapore) of imoney.sg

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