Jacob Mullins, Founder and CEO, Exitround

The first half of 2014 has seen quite a few high-profile exits of startups and tech companies. The US$19 billion sale of WhatsApp to Facebook and Google’s purchase of Nest Labs, and more recently Divide, has most certainly given startups a glimmer of hope for lucrative exits.

That said, such exits are more the exception rather than the rule. According to Techcrunch, companies that achieve billion-dollar valuations, or “unicorns”, only make up .07 per cent of all venture-backed consumer and enterprise startups. In addition, many of such acquisitions occur in the US, in established tech hotbeds like Silicon Valley. How can an Asian startup get in on the action?

Here, we, at e27, are pleased to announce that we will be bringing Jacob Mullins to speak at Echelon 2014, taking place on June 10 and 11. Founder and CEO of Exitround, a private, anonymous marketplace for buyers and sellers of technology companies, Mullins was previously a venture capital investor at Shasta Ventures, and has launched the BizSpark programme during his time at Microsoft.

During his address, Mullins will share more about how entrepreneurs can position their companies to maximise the merger and acquisition (M&A) exit value of their startups, by understanding global market trends for technology M&A deals and how Asia compares to them.

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