Doria spent 1/4 of her salary on electronic devices and gave 1/3 of her salary to her sister. In the end, she was left with $595 for herself.

a) What fraction of her salary did she have left?

b) How much was her salary?

That is one of the questions for Primary Six-ers (12 year olds) on KungfuMath.sg, a Singapore-based online game-based learning portal.

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Co-founded by Derrick Koh, who started Achievia Education Hub seven years ago, a student care and tuition centre chain, KungfuMath has nothing to do with martial arts and everything to do with helping children with learning mathematical concepts through fun and games. His other Co-founder is Foo Pau Choo, a former school teacher and the Head-of-Department for Mathematics.

Koh said, “I realised that our students (from Achievia) were not interested in the e-learning portals and are very keen to quickly finish their assigned online homework hastily so that they have extra time to play games on their computers.”

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He added that e-learning portals previously engaged by the tuition centres could not capture the students’ attention. Having used e-learning portals myself, albeit about five years ago, such platforms are typically ugly and dull. KungfuMath, on the other hand, is bright and lively, and allows users to choose cute cartoon avatars. Additionally, users are incentivised with points earned on the portal, which can be redeemed for rewards like equipment to use in peer-to-peer battles, and virtual apparel for the avatar.

According to an official statement, all educational learning materials on KungfuMath were based on the Ministry of Education’s Mathematics syllabus. Its curriculum was created by a team of former educators and subject specialists headed by Foo.

At the moment, KungfuMath has more than 100,000 users, including users from 26 participating local schools and one Thai school. Users can choose between basic (free) and premium membership plans.


For the record, the firm had previously received an undisclosed sum of investment from Angel’s Gate Advisory. It is also supported by the Interactive Digital Programme Office’s i.JAM scheme, administered by the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore.

The team is looking to launch a KungfuMath mobile app this October, just in time for children to prepare for end-of-year examinations.