In the wake of China lifting its console ban, will the console market grow and outpace the PC gaming space?

Microsoft is partnering with Chinese company BesTV, a new media IPTV company, to enter the emerging market. BesTV has unveiled a forecast that says Xbox One is expected to sell at least 100,000 consoles starting from its launch month of July, in its 2013 annual report. Putting this figure into context, the Xbox One sold 258,000 units in the United States in February.

BesTV shared (via QQ games) that Microsoft would produce a variety of content specifically for the Chinese market. Additionally, the games will be priced cheaper than foreign games, at US$48 (RMB300 ).

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Why the need for cheaper prices? According to Forbes, it’s because there has been an illegal market for consoles in China even before the ban was lifted. Most Chinese consumers normally download illegal copies of console games and have no intention of paying the full price for a packaged title. This could be a possible reason for the lower price, so as to encourage these consumers to switch over to the official platform.

Depending on the outcome, Sony and Nintendo may have plans for the new market with their own consoles. There is also domestic competition from Tencent and Xiaomi. Microsoft has been more aggressive than its counterparts thus far.