The rising number of people going online with their mobile devices has been identified by one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Indonesia as their main reason for introducing their Android app last week.

As part of their birthday celebration,‘Commerce App’ was released and has 120 million Indonesian mobile phone users as the captive market.

“We see that Internet trend in the country is growing rapidly. It makes us very optimistic in saying that our apps will make it easier for the users to purchase their desired products online through mobile devices,” CEO and Founder PT. Bhinneka Mentari Dimensi Hendrik Tio said during the launch.

The e-retailer founded thirteen years ago is a few dotcommers that has survived since the early days of the nation’s internet boom. US$1.1 million was allocated for 2.5 months development, design, equipment, and marketing fund for the several apps developed, which can be downloaded without any charge.

As the mobile commerce era draws closer, we are beginning to purchase items with increasing ease and convenience. Tio continues to mentioned that “all features in the website are accessible within this app with simplified and more user-friendly user interfaces.”

Together with the announcement of aforementioned app, the other two apps ‘Tarif Kirim’ and ‘Potret Hantu’ were also officially highlighted to public. By utilizing Android’s Tarif Kirim, users will be able to obtain shipping rates information whenever they want to send their stuff to destination address.

Targeting amateur photographers, ‘Potret Hantu’ is basically a JME-based game developed by incorporation with Nikon and Agate Studio that is ported to run over Windows Phone and Symbian ecosystems.

Today they have around 30,000 product categories, 175,000 active members that booked 200,000 transactions per year worth of US$32,6million. Offline transactions in their eight Jakarta outlets dominate with 70 percent stake. Money transfer via ATM is the most favourite method of payment that 80 percent users prefer to have.

Quoting CHIP, General Manager Yos Rifanto stated the Commerce app will be available in iOS and Windows Phone powered devices around August.