Greetings and salutations, fellow e27 readers. You’ve probably noticed the influx of games-related articles for the past few weeks. That’s because e27 has hired me, Jonathan Toyad, to handle all game-related news and features on the site.

A summary of my background: I have worked in the games journalism and games industry for the past six years or so. Previously, I worked with GameSpot, GameAxis, IGN, US Gamer, Stuff.TV, and GameAxis.

I’m sure you readers have quite a bit on your mind, so let’s get these inquiries out of the way.

Why do this?
The games industry is huge and is still young. New game studios are popping up all across the globe, be it in the USA or in Southeast Asia.  As a tech and startup site, it would be a missed opportunity not to cover the topic.

What’s going to be different here?
A lot, actually. Instead of regurgitating press releases, putting up teasers and unboxing videos, along with other sorts of PR drivel, we will instead focus on delivering features, detailed opinions on gaming trends and more concrete news that allow for substantial conversation. Like the rest of e27, we strive for quality over quantity and have a driving focus for startups and tech that’s relevant in Asia.

Ergo, the majority of our news and write-ups will be about the games industry, startups who are doing cool things like a new game or a new business model, and anything in-between. PC games, console games, F2Ps, mobile and portable games: nothing is spared as long as it’s something Southeast Asia cares about. For example, you will not find anything about American football here because no one here cares about it.

Having said that, we will work our way around doing editorials on trending games and lovely next-gen tech a business entrepreneur might be interested in, if he or she has a load of disposable income on hand. For example, our Critic’s Corner section will cherry-pick various reviews for a hot title (local or international, as long as it’s well-written) so that you have more opinions to base your judgement on.

We are hugely aware that the current state of games journalism is broken and needs patching up. We’re here to help.

What about game reviews? Will you be doing those?
Yes and no. As I said previously, we are actively setting ourselves away from the pack.

Rather than the standard score assigning and graphics/gameplay assessment that every other site has done, misused and recycled to death, we’d rather take our time with the games we play and do features on them. Not necessarily long ones, but the kind that takes a different approach.

This is to ensure that we come up with more themes and features to analyse and create separate critique pieces from than your standard reviewer. We’ll attempt to keep them short and sweet; unnecessary fluff when describing certain game mechanics will only make the viewer close the browser window quicker than most button prompts in a David Cage interactive experience.

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I heard video journalism’s the in thing now. Are you going to be doing that?
Eventually, but not right now. Currently, I’m the guy running the gaming editorial circle so it’s going to be really tough handling video, while creating news and written features.

Sounds lovely. By the way, I got a tip for you about [insert major gaming industry news in Asia, Japan, Korea, America, Europe and others]

That’s not a question, but I’ll allow it. Send them here at jonathan[AT]e27.co.

Hey, I agree/ don’t agree with [insert e27 games-related article]
That’s great either way! Do voice out your comments and critiques to either our Twitter feed, my Twitter feed, our Facebook page, the comments section on the news or even on my e-mail (see previous question).

For the latter, I will make the message on it public if it’s relevant to the site’s interest, so make sure to let me know if you want to keep it private. Do keep in mind that we’d like to engage in conversation and expand it further. Name-calling and witch-hunting will not add anything of value, which will result in you looking like a petulant child.

How do I search for all articles about gaming on e27?
Just go https://e27.co/tag/gaming/. Easy, huh?

Thanks for reading this. Let’s ensure this gaming column scores really well!