Wongnai, an online restaurant review platform in Bangkok, has announced a US$1 million investment in FoodStory, a 5-year-old restaurant POS company in Thailand.

Together, the companies will launch Wongnai POS, a free restaurant management system that will help connect restaurant owners to Wongnai users.

Yod Chinsupakul, Co-founder and CEO of Wongnai, said: “It’s an important step for us to work closer with restaurants with the goal to create more values to both consumers and business owners. Wongnai POS is unique in the sense that it is not a standalone system, it is a system that is designed to connect restaurants to eight million Wongnai users, LINE MAN Delivery service, or even financial services from SCB (Siam Commercial Bank) from day one.”

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The new system will enable restaurant managers to upload new menus or promotions via Wongnai POS, and those promotions can be seen by nearby users in real time. Delivery orders from Wongnai or LINE MAN will be sent directly to Wongnai POS. Restaurant manager can accept the order, forward it to the kitchen, and print the receipt to the messenger, all without picking up a phone or a pen. This omission of manual process will improve service time, reduce delivery costs for your restaurant, and cut down errors.

Wongnai POS connects to SCB to generate Dynamic QR Code on screen, allowing consumers to pay cashlessly. The system will generate QR Code upon the amount of the order such that the consumers do not have to manually enter the amount. The company claims it will prevent fraud and will make it easier for both restaurant managers and consumers.

Wongnai says it has more than eight million monthly users and more than 250,000 restaurants in Thailand. It is currently in nine cities with over 250 employees.

In 2016, Wongnai raised an undisclosed sum in Series-B funding from Intouch Holding’s venture-capital arm, InVent. Prior to this, in 2014 the startup secured Series A funding from Recruit Strategic Partners, Inc (RSP), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm owned by Recruit Holdings in Japan.