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The year 2013 witnessed a flourishing Indian app economy. According to app insight report by InMobi, India ranked second globally, in terms of overall app downloads (constituting 9.5 per cent of global app downloads) in Q3 of 2013.

While an application such as Alive – an augmented reality app by Times Group, set the bar high for apps from India, there were few apps that the country could have done without. We are listing them as the apps had a lot of potential, yet got into the app-store as me-too, which in the end seemed like the developers just wanted to list that they too have an app. Here are our top 5:

5 apps that Indians could live without

BBM for Android
A desperate attempt by BlackBerry to make a comeback in the Indian market, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android did not perform well right from its inception. Expectant Android users who downloaded the app as it launched, were greeted with a leaked version that would not work, ruining the buzz the handset manufacturer had managed to create.

Also, BBM for Android entered at a point wherein the mobile messenger market was close to saturation thus making the situation for BBM very hostile. While the messenger did manage to impress a few Android users, BlackBerry users were immensely upset as they had to pay for BBM service while Android and iOS enjoyed it for free.

5 apps that Indians could live without

MyChevrolet India App
MyChevrolet India App could have been any Chevrolet lovers’ dream had it gone a little beyond the obvious. The application offers basic services such as scheduling service appointments and receiving parking reminders.

However, with concepts such as augmented reality and gamification making their way in the app economy, MyChevrolet India App could have been lot better. For instance, the app could offer 3D views of its new models or start engaging loyalty programmes.

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5 apps that Indians could live without

App Raksha, launched by Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) youth wing of the Bharatiya Janta Party, a rightist political party in India was designed to empower women in the lieu of increasing crimes against them. The app allowed users to save five numbers who would be contacted with the users’ location if they are in danger.

Like most other safety apps, this app has a farfetched approach as the victim can be rescued only if the saved numbers receive and check their messages on time. Safety apps now need to rise above this with features such as high pitched alarms that victims could create or automated call connection to police or other such services.

5 apps that Indians could live without

IPL Jumping Japak
To promote the sixth season of the greatest ever marketed sport Indian Premiere League (IPL), T20 (twenty-20) cricket match series in India, a massive campaign promoting a dance step was lunched to create buzz amongst IPL fans. To promote the same a Jumping Japak app was launched, which somehow failed to deliver the message.

The app allowed users to take a snap of them and create a video of them performing the step. However, it lacked any alternate features, thus creating boredom very soon.

5 apps that Indians could live without

Google Cloud Print and Google Music
Google added a number of features to Android this year. However, there are chances that these apps may disappear as silently as they appeared. While Google Cloud Print could be a little ahead of its times, where cloud itself is yet to pick up, Google Music has no unique features that would help it to survive amidst competing apps such as Saavn and Gaana, which have a more varied choice when it comes to Indian music.

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