Founded back in 2010 by  Melvin Yuan and his two co-founders Dr Han Yang and Dr Ting See Ho, YFind is a company developing an indoor positioning system. YFind has raised US$1.18M from Innosight Ventures and Walden International. Earlier this year, the company has also partnered with another Singapore startup Sprooki to bring indoor positioning to shopping malls.

The three year old company has just been acquired by Silicon Valley based Ruckus Wireless, a supplier of advanced wireless systems. According to the press release, Ruckus intends to enable new location-based services by combining its unique Smart Wi-Fi technology with YFind’s range of location based services and analytical capabilities, transforming Ruckus’ Smart Wi-Fi networks into location-intelligent infrastructures.

Let’s take a look at the acquisition of Singapore startups which happened this year:

  1. YFind (Indoor Positioning) acquired by Silicon Valley based Ruckus Wireless
  2. Techsailor (Digital Marketing) acquired by India based TO THE NEW
  3. travelmob (short term renting platform) acquired by US based HomeAway
  4. DS3 (Internet banking security) acquired by Singapore based Gemalto
  5. sgCarMart (vehicle classified platform) acquired by Singapore Press Holdings
  6. Catcha Digital Media (online advertising) acquired by Japan based Opt Inc
  7. GridBlaze (data localization) acquired by undisclosed Silicon Valley startup

Taking a closer look, YFind, DS3 and GridBlaze have developed their own technology, which subsequently courted their acquirer. These companies are particularly attractive to bigger companies as the proprietary technology they developed can be integrated into the system of these bigger companies through technology transfer. Take GridBlaze for example. The acquisition was motivated by Gridblaze’s ability to make data transfer efficient, resulting in cost savings in the millions.

travelmob and sgCarMart on the other hand, are both marketplaces with transactions happening everyday. Techsailor and Catcha both operates in the advertising vertical.  A closer look at these four acquisitions reveals that the motivations behind them are market expansions. US based HomeAway acquired a majority stake of travelmob to gain an entry ticket into the Asia-Pacific short term vacation space. Similar to India’s TO THE NEW, which acquired Techsailor to strengthen its presence in the region.

Do you see the trend here? E-commerce platforms with transactions and liquidity as well as advertising leaders seems to be attractive acquisition targets. What we have yet to see is the merger and acquisition (M&A) activities in the mobile space.

More news on acquisition activities in Singapore:

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Asian tech security startup DS3 acquired by Gemalto

Singapore Press Holdings acquires sgCarMart for US$48M in cash

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Featured Image Credits: Gold coins/Shutterstock