Yummy Corp Operations Director Ivan De Putra, Yummy Corp CEO Mario Suntanu, and Yummybox Marketing Director Raetedy Refanatha

Yummy Corp has officially acquired Indonesian online catering service pioneer Berrykitchen for an undisclosed sum. The whole Berrykitchen team will be joining Yummybox, one of Yummy Corp’s business units. Their apps have also been merged, and is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

“The Berrykitchen team is operating the Yummybox division under Yummy Corp. In terms of services, there are many things that are improved in ours, because we want customers to have a more seamless experience in ordering Yummybox,” Yummy Corp CEO Mario Suntanu said on Wednesday, May 29.

According to him, the decision to acquire Berrykitchen was based on a discussion between the two parties, which revealed a similarity on their vision. Berrykitchen also happened to have the same target market as Yummybox: Office employees with greater awareness of the health and taste aspects of the food they ate.

Through the acquisition, Suntanu expected Yummy Corp to become a forefront player in the field of online catering, as the company is now able to reach out to all segments.

According to the information that DailySocial has received, Berrykitchen founder Cynthia Tenggara has exited the company.

“This acquisition is the early step we took to strengthen our positioning the market while presenting a new experience of ordering the best quality food for office workers,” he said.

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In total, Yummy Corp operates four business units: Food Service Management, which manages employees’ catering on daily basis; White Label Outlets which can be adjusted to client restaurants or cafes’ needs; Yummybox for practical daily luncboxes or meetings; and Yummy Kitchen, where Yummy Corp builds its own brands of fast food or work with other parties to sell them through digital channels.

The company operates two central kitchen in Tangerang and Central Jakarta to accommodate all orders. The Central Jakarta kitchen focussed more on finishing works and starting point for food delivery.

The kitchen is able to work on 12,000 to 15,000 portions of meal each day. Yummy Corp claimed that it is currently processing 4,000 to 5,000 portions each day, with services that reach Jakarta and Tangerang.

Suntanu said that Yummy Corp has more than 50 corporate partners with various needs, from catering service for events, employees, or clients. Some of these partners include Unilever and Wings.

New features on Yummybox

Since its merge with Berrykitchen, the company has performed several feature updates in their app, in order to attract more customers. Take example of Food Playlist, which aims to help customers make their daily meal choices. In just one click, the feature will prepare lunch menu for five or 10 working days.

The Food Playlist can also be adjusted according to user’s needs. There are options of budget menu, premium, healthy, international, and special themed meals such as Ramadan or Jakarta Anniversary. The prices ranged from IDR25,000 to IDR50,000 per portion.

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Other features include Skip, which was developed for customers with high mobility. If the customers had to have a meeting outside of the office, all they have to do is activate this feature before 10AM on delivery day. Yummybox then will not deliver the food to prevent it being wasted.

The Cancel feature is also available with the exact same requirement as Skip. Customers’ money will be fully refunded by Yummybox.

“Yummybox pays great attention to customer experience in every part of customer journey, from booking, cooking, to delivery. We even have our own R&D team to ensure that we provide a different menu each day,” said Yummybox Marketing Director Raetedy Refanatha.

Yummybox has been around since 2017. Yummy Corp itself is a strategic partner of Ismaya Group, an F&B lifestyle giant with more than 15 years of experience in Indonesian culinary scene.

Berrykitchen itself has been around since 2012. It has served hundreds of thousands of customers; mostly consisted of professionals in Greater Jakarta Area. The company has raised a Series A funding round from Sovereign’s Capital in 2015.

The article Yummy Corp Resmi Akuisisi Berrykitchen, Berambisi Jadi Layanan Katering Online Terbesar was written in Bahasa Indonesia by Marsya Nabila for DailySocial. English translation and editing by e27.